Why Jamestowne?

We call our company Jamestowne Bookworks because we are based in James City County. With Jamestown Island and Colonial Williamsburg barely two miles away, and being half-way between Yorktown and Richmond, this is the heart of the Historic Triangle of Virginia.

When Jamestown was founded in 1607, it was the first permanent settlement of English-speaking people in the New World. Captain John Smith saved the colony by astute diplomacy with the native Indians and as a rugged example to fellow colonists of how to survive in an alien environment so far from home.

John Smith. Jamestown Island

John Smith. Jamestown Island


The rough-and-ready Captain Smith might seem an unlikely choice of model for a publishing company. And yet modern writers, publishers and scientists like us are chroniclers. We too explore uncertain trails, if mostly journeys of the mind rather than on foot or in a sail-boat. And at the end of our endeavors we too are eager to tell our stories.

Had Smith never chronicled and mapped his exploration of new lands our knowledge of the virginal Chesapeake Bay region and the native people would be as impoverished as Sir Walter Scott’s Lost Colony. Our subjects are very different and the publishing medium is changing from pen and paper to digital readers, but the same fervor grips everyone who has something to tell and wants to pass it down to posterity.